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Cobre Bem E-Commmerce

Cobre Bem E-Commerce is a fully functional software that enables complete control and collection management of bills in a web server and the generation of boletos bancários in a virtual store. These documents can be shown on the browser screen of the clients or sent by email (additional script).

Whether selling products or services, Cobre Bem E-Commerce is perfect for providers, schools, courses, individuals, developers and so many other sectors that need to charge for services and products through Internet sites. Now all your site billing issues can be resolved with one single solution! Check it out!

On Line Boleto - Pole Position

Our solution is capable of generating an infinite number of billing documents, boletos bancários, on your site, making your sales process quick safe and efficient.

After generating a boleto during the sales process the client will be able to print it in A4 paper format using Ink Jet or Laster printers and pay using the Brazilian banking network, lotto establishments postal service establishments some supermarkets ATMs or homebanking.


Billing documents are limited by your imagination! They may contain logos, banners, scripts for actions you wish performed.

This program allows you to alter the layout of the receipt according to your specific needs.

Calculates Everything

All calculations necessary to assemble the boleto and bar codes are done for you by the software via the collecting routines established in accordance to the parameters given to Cobre Bem E-Commerce.


The integration of Cobre Bem E-Commerce to a virtual store or a simple HTML page is done by the client. It is strongly recommended that a developer be responsible for this integration.

In order to help our clients Cobre Bem Tecnologia makes available in our site many examples in Unix and Windows, as well as free virtual store integrated modules such as: OsCommerce and Virtua Store.

All client information including billing data are stored in Cobre Bem E-Commerce data bank and may be exported to other application in .txt format.


This software offers the client full management of every billing document generated in the site. In Contas a Receber (Bills Due) the client is able to visualize the whole process of billing making it easy for him to manage these activities.


It is possible to work with several billing portfolios from multiple banks, generating boletos in each portfolio in accordance with different needs.

Observations: In order to generate boletos bancários as a payment method, it is necessary that the client's bank account be authorised to collect payment by the clients bank of choice. Speak to your account manager!


This solution allows for the instalation in the client's own web server or provider of choice, most of which are familiarized with Cobre Bem E-Commerce.

Compatible with Linux, Windows, FreeBSD e Unix our software can be used with different servers such as Apache and IIS.


Banks/Portfolios Supported

Technical Specifications

  • Arquitecture
    CGI Program
  • Payment Method
    Boleto Bancário
  • Platforms
    All 32 bit versions of Windows
  • Recommended for
    Implementation of Boleto Bancário on the web - Eletronic commerce sites, extranets and intranets, mainly shared sites such as the ones common in web hosting companies.
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